Fresh Day

Cafe-Snack-Breakfast-Bread-Sweet-Ice cream.


The FRESH DAY store is located at the entrance to Paralia Katerinis.

It is a beautiful, clean and pleasant space with a wide variety of delicious snacks.

It offers a rich breakfast with freshly baked bread and various pastries, country - traditional pies, croissants, donuts, cold sandwiches and many other tasty products, which you can combine with fresh natural juice, coffee and tea.

Delicious, traditional sweets and many flavors of ice cream are also served throughout the day.

And in the evening enjoy cold beers, pizza and various drinks in the company of relaxed music in a beautiful and friendly environment.

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Nikis 14, Πιερία ΠΑΡΑΛΙΑ, 60100, Greece

+30 2351 064030


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Agias Paraskevis 11, Paralia, Pieria, Greece